Welcome to the 46th season of Millar's League - Team Registration is now OPEN! 
Referee Information

Referee Application

New Referee?

If you were an active referee last year, you are already in the system.

Referee Information

After a referee has registered (filled out the Referee Application) the should be emailed a login and password.

If you already have a referee login but can't remember the login and/or password, you can reset your password by clicking the Admin link at the top right and choosing the 'Forgot user name/password?' option to reset your password. (this only works if your profile includes your current email address address).

To Access/update the referee profile and assigned games, a referee must login by Clicking on the Admin link at the top right of the website (or this link).

Note: if you have another login (player or team staff) make sure that you are logged off first.

A referee will only see games that have been assigned to them.

When a game is assigned to you, you will receive an email asking you to either accept or decline the game assignments.

If you accept the game, you will be expected to show up for this game. You will also get a reminder from the system the day before the game.